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UNR INTEGRATED is an umbrella company of group companies established as a foreign investment company in Nigeria. UNR group's main business sectors are Mining, Agriculture, Logistics, Certification, and Laboratory Services. UNR settled itself as an international, sustainable, and long term, trusted company for international buyers and clients and also for its local suppliers. UNR is a bridge between local manufacturers and international clients. We invest, finance, and support local miners and farmers to produce according to international standards. UNR has its offices and representatives in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. At UNR, we strive to always deliver the best quality of service. We know what most international buyers go through in searching for genuine suppliers for the products they intend to purchase. And so, have mapped out an effective procedure to enable you to close safer and more guaranteed transactions. Whether it is Solid Mineral or Agricultural Product or crude oil or any other globally demanded commodity, we're well equipped to help you have credible transactions. Success always comes down to two things: dedication and effort. And we at UNR are experts at both.


The use of first-class and standard equipment at our disposal to give out-standing results.

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Maintenance of our products and customer satisfaction is critical for long-lasting quality. Choose the right partner.

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We offer a full service from A to Z, top quality products with spot on deadlines.

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Dedicated and well-experienced staff working round the clock to give you your desired results.


Our own transport gives us control over your delivery. We take pride in our delivery times.

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Top of the line machinery, highly educated employees and great working environment.