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UNR is bringing Agricultural Products such as Sesame Seeds, Cashew, Soybeans, Hibiscus, Peanuts, Ginger, Cocoa, Shea butter, and so on from Field to Buyers Country and Port. UNR is supporting Nigerian Farmers and planning the next year’s plantation and after farmers harvesting the crops, UNR is getting the crops from farmers' fields to factories for cleaning, screening, and packaging. After processing the raw crops, UNR transports the goods to its own warehouse in the port and does necessary testing and documentation for Export. After completing whole documents one of UNR is exporting the products according to INCOTERM 2020 rules. UNR is giving guaranty to buyers and sellers about the conditions and contract commitments. UNR has an international export and import experience which is giving full services as Turn-key projects. Buyers can buy agricultural products as a spot or future market product, or we can organize together with the whole planting, producing, purchasing, and exporting process and procedures according to the request and demand of the buyers before the planting season.

Expected Shipping Documents

- Bill of Lading
- Certificate of Origin
- SGS Inspection Certificate
- Phytosanitary Certificate
- Fumigation Certificate
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List

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